Friday, May 4, 2007

Easley Does It

I know my last post implied that you wouldn't be hearing from me again until I was on the road, but I simply had to write about last night's game. What can you say about Damien Easley. The guy has singlehandedly won 2 games for us and played a key role in winning a 3rd game that was very close to going the other way. Up until this point, it seemed like even though the Mets had been playing well, they lacked that intangible, magic quality that past teams, last year in specific, had displayed. One of the great thing about baseball, that raises it above all other sports, is that you can't run out the clock. You have to get that last out, and until you do, you haven't won. And the great teams emphasize that point to the opposition even more so. Until you get that 27th out, you haven't beaten us yet and we're gonna keep fighting until you do. And last night, the Mets looked like that team again.
I'm told that 100 miles from where I was, Feder predicted the Valverde blown save. Where I was, I predicted that David Wright would get a big hit in the 9th now that the Mets had already retaken the lead. And he did. It's good to see him swinging the bat better even if it's not in a meaningful spot. Baby steps.
I don't know what it is about that ballpark, but every time the Mets play there, they absolutely crush the DBacks. They have now won 11 in a row there, winning those games by a combined score of roughly 85-20. The Mets should look into petitioning the league for more games in Arizona. Screw divisional play; we haven't won a World Series in 20 years.

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