Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday Matinee

Yesterday, I got to witness the whiteboard phenomenon in person for the 1st time, and I liked what I saw. We scored 2 field level seats behind the plate and then 2 other random tickets. After we had gotten the fields, some guy walks by us and declares "This little experiment of yours isn't gonna work," so Amir flashes him the 2 tickets and asks, "Oh ya, where are you sitting today?" Ticketed!!
As for the game, Oliver Perez was masterful. I really think he has turned the corner and will be solid and consistent from here on out. Wait, this sounds familiar. It's a trap. Seriously though, other than that one start against the Phillies, he has been very good this year. If he continues, we might look back one day of Omar's trades of Kris Benson and Xavier Nady, in which we got Oliver Perez and John Maine as "throw ins" as among the best trades in recent team history.
On that note, congrats to Jose Reyes and John Maine for winning April player and pitcher of the month, respectively. May they continue their outstanding play and be rewarded with similar awards at the end of the season.
David Wright has started looking better at the plate. This is a good thing. However, he has continued to look awful in the field. This is a bad thing. I should do color commentary for Fox.
The Mets now go on the road, where they have fared excellently this year. I too will be going on the road. I will be flying to Atlanta on Sunday morning and driving across part of the country wth Kraut and Eric, attending games in Atlanta, St Louis, and Kansas City. I look forward to sharing my experiences in these foreign stadiums with you.

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