Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Rain?

Last night, we decided not to go to the game because it was supposed to rain and sounded like it might get rained out. So we were sitting in the apartment at like 9 when I ask, "If they decide to play the game, should we quickly drive over to the stadium and go?" Abe and Hal were immediately on board. Sure enough, moments later, Hal heard on the radio that they were going to be playing the game, so we got in the car and drove in what was still pouring game to Shea. It was definitely very strange to be driving in a downpour, headed to a ballgame, but they claimed they were playing and we had to be there. As it turns out, they started the game at 10:15, after most of the west coast games had already begun.
Jorge Sosa pitched magnificently and we were lucky enough to be out of there before 1am with an 8-1 win. Once the rain was gone, it was actually a beautiful night out and the 1,500 or so that decided to either stay or arrive late were treated to an easy, economical win. The best part is that as a compensation for the terrible inconvenience we suffered, we will receive free tickets to a game against the Twins in June.
The NY Post has planted someone to spy on us because their headline today for the game was "Worth The Wait," the very phrase that was written at one point on our whiteboard. Tomorrow's Post headline: "Vic Has VD."
As for today's game, what can you say? I can't say much because I didn't see it. I was forced to follow it on gamecast during my Westlaw training but it seemed very exciting. Best part of all was seeing Delgado and Wright getting the big hits in the 9th. What was that you said, Eric, about this team lacking a comeback ability?
Finally, I would like to introduce a new feature I will be adding to my blogs. At the bottom of a blog I will be posting a running tally of the number of games I have been to this year (both Mets and others) and the accumulated dollars spent on going to those games, so I will have a nice summary at season's end.
Total Mets' games attended: 9
Record: 6-3 (4-3 at home)
Money spent on games: $50
Total games attended: 12 (6 total stadiums)
Money spent on all games: $92
Bring on the Yankees...

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