Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

Can't win 'em all I guess, even against crappy teams. Mike Pelfrey just didn't have it today and the Mets got crushed. It's a little disheartening to see the offense unable yet to bail the starters out when they deliver poor performances. We know this team is capable of putting up 10 runs in a game routinely, but they always seem to do it when they get a good start and thus win 10-2. They need to show that they are capable of winning games 10-8 in addition to 3-2.
Not really much else to report on this game other than to call attention to an ongoing debate I have with Eric all the time about when it's appropriate to leave a baseball game. Etan called me to today to ask this very question when the Mets went down 9-0 and I gave him permission to leave. Eric maintains that the only time it is ever acceptable to leave a game is when the game is over. Eric, however, is overly principled to a fault and lacks the reasonablemindedness to see when his principles are impractical. We go to enough games that leaving early doesn't mark us as bad fans. It simply means that staying for the rest of the game will be a miserable experience and we can find less depressing ways to spend our time than sit there and watch a team that just doesn't have it today.
One last point. After the game, Danielle asked me: "So now you're all gonna be in bad moods? Is this how it works?" Ya, pretty much. Such is the life of a baseball fan, or at least this group of baseball fans. Our happiness on a daily basis is inexorably linked to whether or not the Mets won their previous game, leading to a constant oscillation between euphoria and depression. Baseball season is basically a 6 month long ecstasy trip. Better get used to it China.
Oh and Yankee fans, watch out, is that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in your rearviermirror? Well, don't look now because I think they just passed you.


Danny the Manny said...

This Danielle sounds like a bad word for a woman's vagina.

Abe said...

Your mother said nothing of the sort

Eric said...

By the way, I would also grant a dispensation to leave a game early in the event of a category 5 hurricane passing over the stadium while your pants are on fire and you've been shot in the back, provided that it is the 8th inning or later and the score differential is at least 9 runs.