Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wastin Away On The Streets Of Philadelphia

I always get enjoyment in situations where there is a very prevalent stereotype of certain groups of people and then those people continually exhibit behavior that further perpetuates that stereotype. For example, the way I always hear stories about Stern girls decorating their friends' doors when they get engaged, taking classes about marriage, and breaking the floor in Belfer during a chagigah. Well, in the case of Philadelphia sports fans, I can honestly say that their reputation as absolutely awful human beings gets reinforced for me every time I attend a sporting event in this town.
I went to the game with Eric tonight and we sat a few rows behind the left-center field fence, which gave us a very different and unique perspective on a baseball game. We had a great view of both of Alou's home runs and saw Aaron Rowand dive towards the wall for a fly ball about 8 feet away from us. It was definitely a good change of pace. But back to Philly fans and why they suck...
It seems like there is a significant number of people in this city that would describe this as a fun night out: get totally hammered, go to the game, and harass people for no reason. For most of the early parts of the game, we sat quietly and kept to ourselves, clapping at times when something good had happened. For some reason though, some of the fans in our vicinity declared that we were homosexuals. They then demanded that we orally pleasure them. One might suggest that this unusual request indicates that they are, in fact, the homosexuals, but I don't want to make allegations. They also seemed to think that the fact that I was wearing a Reyes jersey was very comical and unusual and began addressing me as if I was actually Jose Reyes (and as if I was the 1st person ever to wear a player's jersey to a sporting event.) At one point they were yelling something at me during a pitch while Reyes was in the process of stealing 2nd. I waited until the play concluded with Reyes standing safely on 2nd and then turned around and asked them to repeat their question, as I was unable to hear it the 1st time, since I was too busy stealing 2nd.
Towards the end of the game, the elderly gentleman in front of us started hurling profanities at us and seemed to be extraordinarily proud of the fact that the seats he was sitting in were his own season tickets, taunting us about the fact that surely we could never acquire such high-caliber seats at Shea or any other ballpark. The face value on the seats was $22. He proceeded to mock Shea, saying "that place is such a dump, I wouldn't even take a shit in the parking lot." I asked him what would inspire him to ever take a shit in any parking lot, explaining that such behavior was disgusting and probably illegal.
Finally, the activity that bothers me most of all, and it is something I have witnessed not only at Phillies' games but also at a Dave Matthews concert here last December, is the constant barrage of E-A-G-L-E-S chants that spurt out at every non-Eagles game event that occurs in this city. It absolutely drives me crazy and I am happy that my days of living in this city, EAGLES chants and all, are soon coming to an end.
On another note, RANGERS HOCKEY, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I will be attending the game tomorrow night as we get our brooms out and try to sweep the Thrashers the way the Mets swept the Phillies in their series tonight.


Danny said...

Let me get this straight: Eagles fans shouldn't chant about the Eagles at concerts and baseball games because the Eagles don't matter at that time. Yet, tonight you'll be at the Garden chanting about how much Potvin sucks, even though what you believe he sucks about happened back in 1979. You should hope that the Rangers play Florida one year in the post-season and then Potvin, the Panthers' color commentator, will really get to hear the chants directed at him.

Av said...

There is a difference between one ongoing joke that Rangers fans do that occurs only at Rangers games and an entire city's perpetual obssesion with the Eagles that trumps ever othery interest on the planet to the point that you can't go anywhere in this town without hearing drunk Eagles' fans doing a chant. We're ok, they suck.

Abe said...

potvin sucks

Danny the Manny said...

From an ESPN story today about the Phillies:

"As for the the team's famously caustic fans? They mounted an 'E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!' chant in the seventh inning, choosing to praise the city's successful NFL team rather than bury its baseball team."


It seems that you evaluated the situation differently than ESPN did.