Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Welcome to my 2007 NY Mets blog. If you are reading this, it's probably because I emailed you or told you about it and you decided to click on the URL. Anyways, here's the deal: I have decided to write a blog covering the 2007 Mets' season. Unlike other people, I am not promising that this will be a daily blog. I am not even promising that it will be funny or particularly interesting. I am simply using this as a venue to record some of my thoughts and impressions of the Mets as we go through the season. I like recording my thoughts about things as they occur and being able to look back at them later, so really this is mostly for myself. If anyone else finds this interesting or amusing, that's an added bonus. This season has a chance to be very special and I would love to have all of you to share it with me as much as possible both in person and through this blog as we embark together on what I can only hope will be the year the Mets finally win it all.

More later...

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